• The Board of School Directors has established the following Board Committees:

    2023 SCASD Board of School Directors Annual Appointments
    2023 Positions Representatives  
    Calendar Committee (new appointment) Amy Bader  
    Career and Technology Center Committee Carline Crevecoeur  
    Gretchen Brandt, Peter Buck  
    Dan Duffy
    Jackie Huff
    Gretchen Brandt, Peter Buck  
    Jackie Huff  
    Jackie Huff  
    Amber Concepcion  
    Gretchen Brandt, Peter Buck  
    Committees of the Board Committee Members Frequency
    Community Engagement Amber Concepcion Bi-Annually
    Culture, Climate and Learning Co-Chairs: Carline Crevecoeur, Laurel Zydney 1st meeting, Committee of the Whole
    Facilities and Grounds Co-Chairs: Gretchen Brandt, Peter Buck 1st meeting, Committee of the Whole
    Finance and Audit Co-Chairs: Deb Anderson, Dan Duffy 1st meeting, Committee of the Whole
    Policy Development Co-Chairs: Amy Bader, Jackie Huff Members: Carline Crevecoeur, Dan Duffy Monthly, until caught up
    Citizens Advisory Committees Board Representatives SCASD Rep
    Athletics Amber Concepcion, Carline Crevecoeur Chris Weakland
    Facilities Gretchen Brandt, Peter Buck Michael Fisher
    Finance Deb Anderson, Laurel Zydney Randy Brown
    School Health and Safety Amy Bader, Dan Duffy Jeanne Knouse
    Technology Jackie Huff Justin Hetrick

    The 极速六合彩 has moved to BoardDocs for its meeting agenda and minutes platform.  for committee meeting information.

    All committee meetings of the board are open to the public. 

Last Modified on November 15, 2023