Records Retention Guideline:  The Pennsylvania Department of Education allows school districts to create their own records retention policy.  极速六合彩 College Area School DIstrict retains student high school transcripts for 25 years after graduation (or year that you would have graduated), medical records for four (4) years after graduation, and special education records for seven (7) years after graduation.  All other student documentation is purged upon graduation.
    If you did not graduate from 极速六合彩 College Area High School, your records may have been transferred to your next school of enrollment, if requested.
    ALUMNI / PAST STUDENTS within the last 25 years:
    Please print and complete this
    Transcript requests take approximately 48-72 hours to complete upon receipt of request and fee.
         Official transcript requests: sent from institution to institution, there is a $5 fee
         Unofficial transcript requests: for personal use, there is a $3 fee
        There is NO fee attached to this service for current students.
    • Official transcript request (college applications): Log onto Synergy > StudentVUE > SCASD Links > High School Transcript Request
    • Official transcript request (scholarships, etc): Email Marjorie Costello msc18@scasd.org
    • Unofficial transcript request (coaches, personal use, etc): Log onto Synergy > StudentVUE > Course History > Click on UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT (blue button)
    • Important Transcript Information:
      Please read here for up-to-date information re: courses that will/will not appear on your SCASD transcript and which courses will/will not be calculated in the GPA.  This information can be found
Last Modified on February 21, 2023