• Giving to the 极速六合彩

    The 极速六合彩 accepts private donations to benefit students directly by providing an environment in which skills, interests, and abilities can be nurtured and developed to a higher degree than the regular budget permits. Gifts of any size are welcome and may be designated for endowments to perpetuate exceptional educational opportunities into the future, or for immediate use. Contributions may come in the form of cash, real estate, or appreciated stocks, bonds, or other property, or as a result of a private foundation transfer. The District can also be named beneficiary of a life insurance policy or other bequest.

    Endowment gifts to the District are placed at the (Foundation) and are designated for the benefit of the SCASD and its students and programs. Proceeds from such endowed gifts can be earmarked for grants, awards, scholarships, program support, or a combination thereof. All District funds are listed on the

    Gifts of any size may be made to existing endowments at the Foundation designated for the benefit of the SCASD. The Foundation holds several SCASD umbrella endowments earmarked for special purposes.  The umbrella endowments are:
    Educational Initiatives Endowment
    Extracurricular Endowment
    Library Endowment
    Music Endowment
    Recognition Awards Endowment
    Scholarship Endowment
    Technology Endowment

    The District has also placed numerous named endowments at the Foundation. Gifts of any size may be added to these funds. Donors wishing to establish new named endowments can do so with a commitment of $10,000 paid within a five year period. The intent of the gift will be reflected in a Designated Fund Letter of Agreement, ensuring that each gift achieves the goals and charitable wishes of the donor. Named endowments can honor or memorialize individuals or support a specific area of interest.

    Special purpose gifts intended for immediate use may be donated directly to the SCASD to support annually funded scholarships, awards, educational purposes, or to defray project-related expenditures. These can be one-time only gifts, or they can be given annually, or at other intervals as determined by the donor.

    The district also welcomes opportunities to develop mutually beneficial revenue enhancing community, institutional, and business partnerships.

    Leave a legacy that will prepare our students to be leaders for the 21st Century.
Last Modified on May 7, 2024